Classic house full of Ersari Rugs

Project Overview

A Recent project was done customer who was attracted by red rugs. They came to our showroom and first looked at a few red rugs for their new house one month later. After careful consideration, they are fully attached to the beauty of Ersari Rug. On a fantastic Autumn day, our sales representative visited his house and placed the rug for their new house once they move in.


Adding some colour to the living room

First impressions are essential. We can't stop swooning over how our team chose this famous tribe and the soft texture of the Ersari Rug to catch the attention of anyone to bring new life to her living room.

If you are looking for a red colour rug with a natural style, this is the red rug you can choose! There's so much to love about this cosy place.  Unlike the plain colour rug, this perfect Ersari rug combines the whole room.

Warm, subset-inspired shades

To create a bold focal point, those saturated styles surround this house. This rug makes a stylish yet practical choice for a high-traffic room. This rug also brings a warm tone and traditional, modern design to ground this welcoming space, simple yet sophisticated! 

When you spend the rest of the day catching up with your favourite TV shows, choosing a comfortable rug is best. These rugs take inspiration from the stunning traditional patterns native to Iran/ India. A rug is also the easiest, most impactful way to refresh your space for fall.


Multi-functional- Our rug fits everywhere!

Who says our Ersari rug can only place in the living room only?  This one was designed to make a statement! Our Ersari Rug was made for one room and all other living spaces like this! We can't stop admiring how this Ersari rug matches ideally like this- making it an excellent choice to bring cosy comfort to the bedroom. 

If there's one thing we know, it's that almost any space can benefit from a rug; it can be put anywhere to add warmth and cosiness to your living room. The traditional designs of the Turkomans have created and allowed us to revive the ancient way of producing extremely good quality.

Quick fact-check: What are Ersari Rugs?

Using lustrous handspun wool in vegetable dyes is the most attractive in their traditional design of the Turkoman have created and allowed us to revive the ancient way of producing extremely good quality, hard-wearing rugs in rich colours named Ersari designs. Authentic, durable Afghan rugs are of excellent value with intricate designs.


We have more than 20,000 rugs available across all styles and colours if you are looking for rugs to improve your interior design. Our team are always ready to help with any questions to match your requirements, which is a great way to change the look and feel of the home. We can even bring your selected rugs home for a trial!

Consult one of our experts now, or email us at info@rugsoflondon.com for further details.


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