Rug Cleaning & Restorations

Rug Washing

Rugs of London has provided the finest rug washing and restoration services for almost 60 years. 

Most stains and dirt can be removed once we undertake the above process with our experience. 

We clean a wide range of handmade rugs, including Persian to modern rugs, with care and attention to detail.


Four steps on how we wash your rugs

Once we have received your rugs, they will be taken to our cleaning facility with the following steps:

1- Remove all the dust from your rug.

2- Apply special harmless washing liquid thoroughly wash and clean. At the same time, stabilise the dyes to avoid any possible colour run. We use our carpet shampoo ( at least twice) to ensure all residue and dirt are removed correctly. 

3- Dry in a special spinning machine.

4- Dry up in a room where temperature and heat are controlled.

Rug restorations

Apart from professional washing, we also provide restoration services. We always believe every rug behind has its own story; we should treasure and protect them.

We can fix any type of rug, from Oriental to Modern rugs, or even Tapestry rugs.  

Our highly skilled workers in London carry out repairs using the traditional knotting methods, with suitable wool and knotting type. 

 The repair duration varies depending on the extent of the damage; we aim to complete it within two weeks. To shorten the waiting time and a higher chance of full recovery, it is always a good idea to bring your rug to us earlier. Some symptoms include fraying or damage along the fringes of the rugs.

All services are hassle-free and highly effective and come with many advantages to keep your favourite rug more valuable.


Ways to bring your rug

Rugs can be brought into our London warehouse weekly from 9:30 am-5:30 pm by appointment. Alternatively, we can arrange a collection by courier service. If you would like us to see the rug and further guides about the rug, fill in the form below, contact us at info@rugsoflondon.com or give us a call on 0208 900 5971


Bring your rug to Rugs of London immediately and have your valuable textile flooring thoroughly cleaned by experienced professionals today.

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