Rugs Care

Cleaning, Care and Maintenance

It is important to take good care of your rug to avoid it from any sort of damage, such as indentations and wear and to keep it clean. Using a rug underlay is vital for any rug. It will prevent it from sliding around, make it softer to walk on and it will protect the underside of the rug. Additionally, you should use protectors on the feet of any heavy chairs or tables that will be positioned on top of the rug. Dirt that has settled on a rug may also wear away the knots and degrade the rug.

You can keep your rug in good condition by regular vacuuming; however, it is vital NOT to use a vacuum with a beater bar brush. Please be careful of the fringes while vacuuming as they can become detached if the vacuum is very powerful.

Moth Prevention

The majority of oriental rugs are wool based, which attracts moths, especially in darker areas such as a rug concealed under furniture. Leaving your rug in a dark and untouched place such as a loft will attract moths even more. Keep moths away by regular vacuum and by moth prevention sprays.

Rug Repair

If your rug endures serious damage such as a tear or stains it is important that it is handled by an expert. This is because the dyes are made from organic and chemical substances, which can be bleached or colour run if not handled by an expert. Rugs of London can provide both rug repair service and professional washing and cleaning.


Rugs will gradually fade over time. The patterns may become subtler and the colours may become mellower. If your rug is exposed to sunlight please ensure that you change the position of the rug from time to time so the fading process would cover the entire rug.

How to handle stains on your rug

It is important to work quickly if your rug becomes stained. Absorb as much liquid with a white cloth or paper towel and avoid scrubbing the area to prevent matting and fibre damage

Regular wash:

In order to maintain your rug in original condition and to keep it clean from dirt and dust, we do recommend regular wash once a year or once every 2-year depending on how much foot traffic the rug gets.

Rugs of London provide professional washing, cleaning and repair services. Using the most advanced machinery, we wash the rugs and clean them to the highest standards which allow the rugs to have a very long and durable life-cycle. Our extensive wash and clean starts from £34.99 per square meter and 100% wool rugs and maybe more on antique rugs or silk.

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