A neutral rug fits in an Artisan House

In a crowded and modern City of London, there is a modern flat that allows us to transform a bit with 

Our clients noticed the compartmentalized layout allows them to work more efficiently, especially when working from home. 

This newly furnished house in Oxford is now a sanctuary for guests to enjoy the sunshine and chill with their friends.  People who walked around might hear some With a gorgeous wooden piano. As mentioned by our customer, this is one of her favourite places to enjoy the evening overlooking their yard; we decided to choose some rugs that complement the piano well; this garous rug can be their best choice. 

The uniqueness of garous rug is decorative designs at affordable prices for our customers. Garous design rugs have become some of the most popular and decorative in both contemporary and traditional home decor.



With this natural rug, you will feel cosy and comfortable. One of the essential keys to creating a cosy place is Texture. This 100% wool Garous rug makes it the perfect rug to lay under the coffee table, and the stand; the thoughtful instruments with the warm hues and classic motifs of our rug grounds the space so beautiful.

The customer pointed out that she'd rest and, at the same time, work efficiently in an area. With the help of a coffee table, a pop of colour was introduced into the space.  Surrounded by cosy textiles and smoothing hues, this rug really does the job.

We have more than 20,000 rugs available across all styles and colours if you are looking for rugs to improve your interior design. Our team are always ready to help with any questions to match your requirements, which is a great way to change the look and feel of the home. We can even bring your selected rugs home for trial!

Consult one of our experts now, or email us at info@rugsoflondon.com for further details.




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